Robin Flood
Recruitment Specialist & Managing Director

30yrs Of experience, Mentor, Leader and founder of The Labour Practice. A born solutions-based marketing person with excellent negotiation skills.

With over 21yrs of experience recruiting and consulting in all our sectors (Finance; IT; Automotive; Life Sciences; Aviation and engineering), Robin is one of the most experienced recruiters that you will find. His strong engineering and marketing background coupled with his decades of project management experience means he is set well apart from what you traditionally find in the the market. 

Robin's has more than 30yrs of Sales and Marketing experience. Having funded his first overseas trip at the age of 22yrs by buying and selling boats while he studied full-time. He worked as a food delivery driver at the age of 19yrs to create the seed money to purchase his first boat. He then sold that for a profit and so the business grew. 

Robin founded The Labour Practice in 1999 and continues to fly the company flag high. Words that clients have used in references to describe Robin are - 'Great quality service; Serviced with excellence; Professional; Engaging; Astute; Adds more value than others; Insightful; Makes a designated effort; Feedback well provided; Solutions based; Expeditious; Outstanding communication'.  

Robin has managed numerous work forces and is currently Chairman of one of the largest football clubs in the Western Cape that play in the largest football league in the country. He is a inspirational leader and a master at conflict resolution. 

Professional Personality Profile Analysis Synopsis (PPA):

"Robin is a leader that thrives on creating solutions. He is determined, but not stubborn. Robin can drive processes through the most difficult situations. His fine attention to detail makes him a stickler for detail and any form of work relating to project formulation and time lines will see Robin do extremely well. Robin enjoys conversation and is self confident. He is not intimidated by difficult circumstances and knows how to get others to follow his lead through most circumstances."